Step To City?

It ’s a free multi language tourism based mobile application. Step to City uses own Beacon devices placed on the sight to trigger information.

What’s the purpose?

Entertain visitor while visiting any POI and increase their satisfaction during their limited time in the city. Deliver the best and correct information as video, audio file on the exact location. Offer them best locations like restaurants, cafes to taste local food. Make visitors to feel safe with access to local police, ambulance and sharing location. To become must have tool for self guided visitors.

How next generation of tourism will be?

Self guided tourist will become majority. User experience and mobile tools will become much more important. User experience and mobile tools will become much more important. City, cultural and adventure tourism will be important. Security will be an important issue.

Why Millennials matter?

Why Millennials matter? They are always mobile and online. To experience everyday life in another country and increase their knowledge are their top motivations to travel. Want to experience a destination through eye of local people.

What is the Beacon?

  • It’ a Bluetooth 4.0 devices

  • It transmits only three unique number every second

  • It does not connect to internet and store any data

  • Technology is standardised and promoted by Apple and Google


Connecting Tourism Objects in the City

Using IOT Technologies Effectively

Managing Big Data in Cities

Providing Multi-Language Support to Tourists

Ensuring the Safety of Tourists

Building Cities Using Artificial Intelligence